Our company provides the right environment for persons who are interested in joining us and build a successful career whether it is as a trained Air Conditioning, Elevator or Domestic Technician in our Service Department or as a Sales Representative in our Sales & Marketing team.  Potential candidates who have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications can apply for any available positions when advertised.  Employees can experience competitive compensation packages, staff benefits, consistent development & training and effective teamwork & collaboration.

Open Job Posts

Service Sales Representative

The Service Sales Representative will be expected to estimate, negotiate, and sell service and maintenance contracts at required levels.  Retain current maintenance agreements at required levels through good customer service. Provide technical and support information as well as basic consultation to customers. Seek out opportunities for new products or services which the company may be willing to offer and assist Management in developing any such opportunities. Introduce potential or existing customers to all our products and services and to refer customers to our other sales staff for non-service contract sales.

Applications should be sent to hr@electricsales.com on or before April 13th, 2024

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Warehouse Delivery Driver

The Warehouse Delivery Driver will be responsible for planning and executing delivery routes, handling merchandise, ensuring quality control, collaborating with other team members and maintaining effective communication with clients. You’ll need a commercial driver’s license, physical strength, and excellent coordination skills to excel in this role.

Applications should be sent to hr@electricsales.com on or before April 17th, 2024

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Assistant Warehouse Supervisor

The Assistant Warehouse Supervisor will be responsible for assisting the Warehouse Supervisor at assigned job location(s). Daily work duties will include the maintenance of workflows, keeping work areas organized, ensuring that items are shipped on time, keeping inventories updated and
improving customer satisfaction.

Applications should be sent to hr@electricsales.com on or before April 17th, 2024

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A/C Technician - [On Going]

The ideal candidate should be :

• Install, diagnose and repair all types of air conditioning equipment (residential, commercial) .

• An understanding of safety regulations in an equipment repair environment.

• Prepare detailed reports of work completed and diagnosis of unit.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Applications should be sent to hr@electricsales.com – [On Going]
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