We supply elevators to carry from 4 to 24 passengers. In addition to this we also offer Goods / Freight Elevators. Presently we service both Barbados and the Greater Caribbean.


Hydraulic Lifts use a “Hydraulic Jack” without a hole in the shaft. This type of lift can be used for a maximum of 5 floors with the machine room on the ground floor. The option is available to put the machine room on the top of the building, to accommodate old designs

The Major advantage of Hydraulic Lifts is that you get a smoother ride with more control. Travel speeds are from 0.6 M/S to 2.5 M/S. Voltage requirements are from 200 to 480 supplied voltage.


Traction / Electric Lifts use cables with a machine pulley system at the top of the shaft. This type of lift generally covers up to 30 floors.

The major advantage of Traction is its use in high rise buildings. Travel speeds are from 0.6 M/S to 7 M/S Voltage requirements are from 200 to 480 supplied voltage.

Both of these lifts are supplied in standard Stainless Steel. Options are available for panels to be installed to add a more decorative finish or client supplied panels. All our units are supplied from Brazil, Italy and the USA.

All elevators can be configured for disabled persons or wheelchair access.


Sandals Resort Barbados 9# OTIS GeN2 regen
Sandals Resort Grenada 6# OTIS GeN2 Regen
Sandals La Toc St. Lucia 1# OTIS GeN2 Regen
St. George’s University Grenada Upper Campus Study – 1# Garaventa Genesis Wheelchair Lift
Cave Shepherd 4# OTIS XO-508 Escalators
Norman Centre 2# OTIS XO-508 Escalators


With over half a century of experience in the supply and installation of residential and commercial vertical transportation equipment in Barbados and the English speaking eastern Caribbean, we maintain high standards in our products and service.

  • Premium Elevator Choices
  • Reliable Brands Used
  • On Time and On Budget
  • Reliable Customer Communication
  • Highest Percentage Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We Do It Right The First Time


  • What is the average time frame to supply and install an elevator?

    The average time frame to supply and install an elevator is 5 months.

  • What is the average lifespan of an elevator?

    The lifespan of an elevator is 15 to 25 years depending on use and care of the elevator.

  • What products can you supply for homes?

    For homes we can provide Matot Dumbwaiters, Acorn Stair lifts, and Garaventa Chairlifts.

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